Cognitive Heroes Welcome Glaurung and iakona to the team!

Tue 9th Jun 2015 - 4:33am


Cognitive Gaming is happy to welcome Glaurung and iakona to the family! After moving the team out to San Jose we’ve had a series of unfortunate roster changes. After a lengthy tryout process we’ve decided on our two front runners to fill the roles of support and bruiser; iakona and Glaurung respectively.


Jeffrey ‘iakona’ Dolan hails from San Jose. Before the team moved to the area they had a prior relation with Jeff, often playing some late night games together before bed. Before this, Jeff was a support for Stellar Lotus, and ESV Wildfire. He’s an incredible sharp young man and a natural fit.


Eighteen year old Mike ‘Glaurung’ Fisk hails from Salt Lake City, Utah. He started his competitive career in SC2, ultimately achieving Grandmaster, before transitioning into Heroes. He has been on teams such as Glorious!, Symbiote, and most recently Tempo Storm. Glaurung’s play mechanically is impeccable, and he brings an incredible array of high level competitive experience with him. The team is happy to have him aboard.


Blizzcon Qualifiers are split between three tournaments over the months of June to August with the first date being June 13th. Make sure you tune into the stream to support the team at


Be sure to follow the team on twitter: 









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