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Thu 2nd Apr 2015 - 8:16am : Gaming

Here it is. The Cognitive Gaming Academy. We really want to help those SMITE community members who have the skill but still remain un-noticed break through the veil. We'll be bringing you all this awesome things in a series of phases. 


Phase 1: The Month of April

COG Academy - This will be where we launch the entire event from. We will start with a base of skill that has a standard of rating using SMITE's in game Ranked system. I know a lot of poeple have their qualms about how correct it is, but that isn't what we're worried about at this point. We picked Plat 5 as a general standard because time is precious. We want to try and get the best out of the current pool of players. This phase isn't necessarily about teaching so much as it is finding those who already have the potential skill to be playing on a professional level. Don't be disappointed yet if you don't meet the qualifications, there's more. 


Phase 2: The Month of May

COG NA Combine - This is the biggest phase of them all. Throughout the month of May we will be having 4 - 5 daily games where a team of analysts will evaluate EVERY INVIDUAL player in multiple games to get the best assessment of their skill. Each week we will whittle the field down until we end up with a final 10, then upon that make a final decision on the 5 most qualified players. We will be evaluating everything from skill, to communication and even attitude (player comms). We will also be broadcasting these games for all to watch and Myself and a Co-caster will commentate the games. We may even have our analysts come on and give us a few words between games on anything they feel is important to mention. More details will come out of this as May gets closer. 


Phase 3: After May

COG Academy - Now the academy will return to us in the way most people will remember it for. This is the place where those players who strive to be successful, and improve their play by leaps and bounds will come to get assistance and analysis of their games to help make every game they play a learning expierence. This is not going to be a "what are the basics" type of academy. We want to help you go from places like Gold 3 to Diamon 5. We will run it in a manner where players will have a one week academy session, our analysts will watch their games and help them see where they are not reaching their potential. This will be a limited number of slots per week, mainly because there will be a limited number of analysts. There will be sign-up periods going all the time and we will choose players through a method we release later when it's time as well. 


Whew, that was a lot and this is going to be REALLY awesome. I'm super stoked to be running this and I personally LOVE helping player get better. Hell, I'm getting my own analysts to help me get better. I'd also love to build as many teams out of this as possible. Don't ever be discouraged by failing, that's simply another step to success. I want this to be the greatest place for those who want to learn and improve. Final words on that, I will NOT tolerate Bad Manners or those who can't keep themselves in check, we're gamers and it's all for the love of the game. 


Feel free to leave comments and questions below and I will answer them as soon as I see them!




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  • Mon 6th Apr 2015 - 2:24am

     Ranked in conquest league: Diomond 5

  • Mon 6th Apr 2015 - 2:22am

    IGN: D0EBOY713                                                                                                                                           Age: 18                                                                                                                                                         Postition: Solo,Jung                                                                                                                                 Availabilty: Any time                                                                                                                                         GodPool(Tyr,Chaac,Bellona,Hercules,Chang'e,Hades,Baka,Thor,Athena,Bastet,Nemisis,Thanatos,Hunbatz,Arachne Top 3 Gods: Tyr,Chaac,Thor.I Think my team fight pressence is my biggest strenth and these gods allow me to help out in team fights and Support the team with cc and damage.                                                                       In Game Fps:70                                                                                                                                     How long have you played smite:2 Years                                                                                                         Competive gaming experience: Some experince in Csgo and Marvel Vs Capcom 3.                                             What do you hope to get out of Cog Academy: I wish to reach my full potential and learn my strenths and weakness and be the best player i can and find out How good i am and to learn and grow as a player.                                                                                                                                                                    

  • Mon 6th Apr 2015 - 12:53am

    I just realized this wasn't the sign-up post, my mistake. 

  • Mon 6th Apr 2015 - 12:47am

    IGN: Neverlife

    Age: 22

    Postition: Support

    Availability: Weekday mornings/afternoon. Open availability on Saturday/Sunday

    God Pool: I'm comfortable enough with most gods to play them in ranked, but I would say I'm good enough to carry with Ymir/Sylvanus/Geb for support and Isis/Serqet in mid/jungle.

    Top 3 gods: Sylvanus/Ymir (although Athena is up there) and Isis.

    In game FPS: Locked at 60 fps for my monitor.

    How long have you played Smite: I've been playing about a year and a half. I've been playing the game full-time for a couple of months.

    Competetive gaming experience: I have limited competive experience in Smite and other mobas, but I've played Magic TCG competitevly for years.

    Rank in conquest league: Platinum V

    What do you hope to get out of Cog Academy: My least favorite thing about Smite would be matchmaking. As a support main you can only do so much to help your team. Even if you have perfect set-ups and objective control you can still lose. I've put lots of hours into learning about smite, watching streams, the pro's youtube videos, SPL matches, and articles on sites such as SmiteCentral. I want to see if it all pays off when matched with other competent people against competent people.

  • Sun 5th Apr 2015 - 3:47pm

     IGN: Basil

    Age: (Min age 13yrs) 23

    Position: Solo 

    Availability: (include timezone) 8pm-12am EST

    God pool:Bellona, bakasura, tyr, chaac, hercules, Athena, Loki, Ra, Awilix, Janus, Guan Yu, He Bo, Cabrakan, Chronos, Mercury, Nemesis, Scylla, Wukong, Vamana, Ymir, Zhong Kui

    Top 3 Gods and why: My top 3 gods are Guan Yu, Tyr, and Bellona.  I absolutely love being a front line fighter.  Nothing is better than getting in their face and stomping them in.  Blow for blow.  I'd have trouble not including Bakasura on this list as well, as I'm going to be very inclined to play him often.

    In Game average FPS on Conquest: (eg. 130fps on conquest for me) 100

    How long have you played Smite: 2 Years

    Competitive gaming experience: None

    Rank in Conquest League: (Must be Platinum 5 or higher) Diamond 5

    What do you hope to get out of Cog Academy? Always had the desire and drive to be apart of the competitive scene, yet never had the oppurtunity.    I'd like to take this chance to put myself out there and let people know that I'm here to stay.  

  • Sun 5th Apr 2015 - 7:26am

     IGN: Shazayam

    Age: (Min age 13yrs) 16

    Position: Solo, Jungle 

    Availability: (include timezone) EST

    God pool:Bellona, bakasura, tyr, chaac, hercules, thor, bastet, hun batz, serqet 

    Top 3 Gods and why: My top 3 gods would have to be Bellona, Thor and Tyr. Bellona for the weapon changing, i find it fun, Thor because his kit is very unique, and tyr for the mad CC

    In Game average FPS on Conquest: (eg. 130fps on conquest for me) 150

    How long have you played Smite: 8 months

    Competitive gaming experience: None

    Rank in Conquest League: (Must be Platinum 5 or higher) Plat 5

    What do you hope to get out of Cog Academy? To learn and grow in smite

  • Sat 4th Apr 2015 - 2:39pm


    Age: (Min age 13yrs) 19

    Position: ADC, Jungle 

    Availability: (include timezone) All times

    God pool:Artemis,Apollo,Anhur,Ullr,Xbal,Rama, Hun Batz,Thor,Mercury, Serqet, Nemesis

    Top 3 Gods and why: My top 3 gods would have to be Ullr,Rama, and Mercury. Ullr is one because I feel very comfortable with and hitting is multiple abilites due to stance change. Rama is second because I love his ability to box other hunters with his two steriod along side his ult if enemies are getting away with low health you can snipe them. Last Mercury because he is one of the late game hyper carries for assassins with his ult the can come out of the jungle and from the back of towers. 

    In Game average FPS on Conquest: (eg. 130fps on conquest for me)70

    How long have you played Smite: 2 years 

    Competitive gaming experience: I've played in the Smite central tournaments regularly and also both combines along with the Challengers Cup.

    Rank in Conquest League: (Must be Platinum 5 or higher) Diamond 5

    What do you hope to get out of Cog Academy? A better understanding of the game and make new bonds with players and improve my skills with the hope of finding teammates.

  • Fri 3rd Apr 2015 - 2:11pm

    Where did the sign ups go??


  • Fri 3rd Apr 2015 - 2:11pm

    IGN: Nuclear

    Age: 19

    Position: ADC

    Availability: (include timezone) EST. I am available Monday- after 4pm, Tuesday- after 2 pm, Wednesday- after 2pm, Thursday- all day, Friday- after 2pm, and all weekend.

    God pool: Artemis, Anhur, Xbalanque, Ullr, Apollo, Cupid, Neith, Rama, Chronos, Freya, Ah Muzen Cab, Loki, Bakasura. Due to playing Smite for an extended amount of time I can play other roles and other gods well but these are those I can play in the ADC role well.

    Top 3 Gods and Why?: Artemis, Anhur, Ullr. Most comfortable with these three in the current meta. Played alot of Anhur in Season 1.

    In Game average FPS on Conquest: 60-70 FPS with usually 40-50 Ping

    How long have you played Smite: 7/13/2012 and have played since. At first I didn't a computer so I played it with the friend I was living with. When I bought a computer a few months later I played consistently.

    Competitive Gaming experience: Played with Archway eSports as B-team ADC and A-team Coach/Analysis. 

    Rank in Conquest League: Platinum 5, but still gaining.

    What do you hope to get out of Cog Academy? I want to see if this past half of year of training and getting serious with SMITE will pay off. I want to see how my skills will fair against other players with the same passion. When Cog Academy is all over I hope to be a better player then what I was going in.

  • Fri 3rd Apr 2015 - 3:04am

     IGN: dabillinator


    Postition: mid, jungle

    Availability: Weekdays anytime after 5pm EST, and anytime on weekends.

    God Pool: I can comfortably play almost every god, but I like to focus on strong teamfight assassins, and strong laning mages, with the exception of a few.

    Top 3 gods: Bastet, Isis, and Agni. I love the early pressure that Bastet can provide, and the utility of cats. She is very elusive, and can bait out a lot of abilities with pounce. Isis is my favorite god to play. Again her early pressure is incredible, but the real bonus with Isis is using her ult to its fulest. Circle of Protection is potentially the strongest move in the game when used at the correct time, and can easily turn around a team fight. Agni is such a strong, and well rounded god. He is one of the strongest late game mages with how much damage Rain Fire can put out, while being one of the safest. He doesn't lack the early clear that other elusive mages do.

    In game FPS: 120

    How long have you played Smite: I started on March 5th

    Competetive gaming experience: No true competetive experience, but I have joined several Smite tournaments over the last year. My top placing was 4th in a battlefy tournament.

    Rank in conquest league: Plat 5

    What do you hope to get out of Cog Academy: Smite has been a huge passion for me since I picked it up. It is the only game I ever play anymore, and I want to get better. To get better you have to face stronger opponents, and analyze the game. It helps to have an outside view of you play, and Cog Academy can give me that. I have been playing ranked, and climbing the ladder, but I still haven't reached the point where I feel challenged on a game to game bases. I know I need to improve on my rotations, and overall communication, and scrims will help me a ton.

  • Fri 3rd Apr 2015 - 2:52am

    IGN: dabillinator

    Age: 25

  • Thu 2nd Apr 2015 - 9:55pm

    What does someone who wants to participate in this even have to do during the month of April?

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